In my country there are so many restaurants, hotel, bars, pub where I can eat GF – even lots of Ice Cream shops. When I’m going to buy grocery I’m so happy because I find all I wish almost everywhere and there are so many Gluten Free choices. When people with same of my healthy condition, decide to go out for dinner , in Italy we have a long list of GF restaurants to choose and even if we want to go holiday somewhere We have list of hotels who served GF meals so the decision make easy to organise even holiday.

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Although my decision to work and live in Asia has made things more difficult, at the contrary I have also learned a lot. I would like to apply this knowledge to help other people who love to travel as me. I will share into this blog my advice on places that are able to serve you meals without gluten, how to order your meal and advise you what it can be helpful to have always with you.

Also, I wanted to share here other opinions from you and other people whom are struggling to find how to eat, where to go and in where you can buy some Gluten Free food which brands are safe and how to read the labels. This will help you as many places in Asia do not have the strict labelling laws common in the US, Europe and Australia.

How should I explain a chef how to make my Gluten Free meals and avoiding to have been judged as a fuzzy or crazy guests?

Sometimes they say the rice with veggies is safe you can eat because the chef didn’t use soya sauce, but when I asked what are the ingredients inside to make it tasty they said: salt, pepper oil garlic and chicken stock…. Ahhhh I ever found a chicken stock made in Malaysia that is not gluten free as fish stock, all those flavouring hare a not GF at all. How about the contamination in the kitchen? I should go in the kitchen and explain all these details but I cannot so at the end I’ll prefer eat at home and being healthy, safe !!!! Even in Thailand, after I have explain how to cook for me a simple dish but Gluten Free, I have been told from more than one restaurants “sorry we cannot cook a meals for you” as if I had an infectious disease.

Gluten Free is not synonymous with low fat, low sugar, or low sodium. This can be also a trick as many people still with lots of lack of knowledge and while booking my ticket flight I always book a Gluten Free meals but I have been glutened multiple times. Unfortunately when I reported this, few big flights companies have said their food catering follows hygiene standards and so on but no one has never replied me what the catering company did wrong. I have toked photos and related my research of companies of that jam or butter that are not Gluten Free but no reply even I proved I have been served wrong Gluten Free.

I would like to share more with you all here about eating while travelling in Asia. Despite ordering gluten free menus and explaining to the airlines about my disease, I have frequently been glutened during flights. We need to make these flights catering companies understand the danger to our lives. I would suggest paying lots of attention to food served by these airlines where I have previously been glutened: Malaysia airlines- Ethiad – Thai Airways