I was out having dinner with a former colleague and good friend when suddenly I saw a familiar face. I was so happy – it was my former classmate and best friend from when we were 11 to 13 years old. Without any hesitation, I waved to her from my table and could see she was smiling but not sure who I was. When I stood up and said my name, she recognised me and gave me a warm hug. It was Anna, my good friend who I hadn’t seen in over 25 years. I had wondered if how to meet her again and the surprise of seeing her in the restaurant made me so happy!
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Cooking session with Anna

The other great surprise was to find out more about her life and career as a naturopath. With my coeliac disease, both of us are on the same path of trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. We soon organised to meet to share more about our past, life and catch up. Meeting her and getting back in touch was made even better when Anna was able to advise me on making my GF diet more balanced, helping me to finally get my energy back and even solving my problems with constipation. Although I am sure all of us know our diet must be balanced to avoid issues, as much as we try to eat properly, having a specialist advise can make things so much better. I was certain that I was perfectly following my GF diet but I knew I was still doing something wrong as I still felt weak and struggled with constipation. Although all my blood tests were normal when I checked in Italy, the weakness remained.
Anna and I had a good talk about meals, diet and cooking methods and she gave me a solution by writing a balanced GF diet for me. As well, I was once able to join her cooking class and learned new techniques for cooking certain meals. I realised I was ignorant about the basic details regarding our Mediterranean diet, often considered one of the healthiest diets to follow. After learning these basic tricks and managing to make my diet more balanced, I am really feeling great now – more energetic and happier again! Thanks so much Anna and I hope that we can continue to share more to help others have the healthy lifestyle we all deserve!!!