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Myself Nikhil born in a small district of Bihar (India) named as Muzaffarpur, studied and started my professional life in Gurgaon (India).  It was back in 2012 when I was having symptoms like chronic Diarrhoea every 15 days since Jan’2012 and was unable to even focus on my job & use to take a day leave have antibiotics with consultation with normal physician and again get back to work the other day. The worries of such issues was troubling my mind but unable to even think what exactly was happening to me. Some doctors recommended to avoid milk some to drink mineral water only, some to avoid eating anything out, but as was working in a city far away from my hometown, so have to manage somehow.

In Jun 2012, I went to a gastro specialist asking him just to do anything but help me get rid of it. The doctor started his experimentations without explaining me what exactly is happening to me why the symptoms are being repeated every 15 days. I was asked to consume only wheat for one week with antibiotics, then avoid and the process continued for three weeks which made me so weak and severe diarrhoea, with low hub,  weight loss of 10kgs (approx.) in those 3 weeks. I was unable to even walk as was feeling like severe weakness.

I was then taken to Dr Randhir Sud (mendicity hospital Gurgaon here in India) who immediately asked me to go for ttg iga tests usually done at initial phases of diagnosing Celiac and suggested me to avoid Wheat, Rye, Barley and all the products manufactured from it. He also suggested me to avoid eating out as there is possibility of contamination as wheat is everywhere in almost all food products so for being healthy make everything at home.

Then the process figuring out things started. I first understood how to read food labels. How to manage a gluten free diet plan and how to follow food diary concept which I developed for myself with my personal experience. This food diary concept helped me to figure out culprits and cross reactivity or multiple sensitivity to grains introduced first time in my diet.

After understanding the concept I started searching for more people suffering where I got the idea of initiating Support Groups on Whatsapp. The activity started and still continued and its a great help to newly diagnosed people as well who are in panic and depressed state after diagnosis as they feel like there life is stopped now without options to eat.

I have many such support groups running on whatsapp where I as an admin have people from all over India and a few families from Dubai, uae, Australia.  Though do not have much data from there but doctors in Dubai still feels like CELIAC is a problem of UK and USA  and not people of Asian origin so they don’t even diagnose for same even if symptoms do indicate in that direction.  Again in case of India only gastrointestinal specialist are aware of celiac thing.  So more awareness is needed.  I have for creating awareness conducted 75 informative sessions in Delhi-NCR, one in Chandigarh and one workshop in Jaipur.

Wish to reach to every gluten intolerant and help them in a way that they may not fall prey for depression what I faced at initial phase. Their smiling facing and enjoying gluten free lifestyle motivates me to help more.